Clear Complexion Soaps


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Specially Formulated to Combat the most troubling skin concerns: excess oil, acne, eczema and more.  Our cleansing bars clean deep below the surface of the skin to release trapped dirt, oils and particles that result in a healthy, balanced complexion.

Acne-Control Bar with bentonite clay fights acne-causing bacteria.  Removes dirt and oil from deep within the skin and promotes a healthy, balanced complexion. 

Oil-Control Bar is formulated with French Green Clay to minimize oil and balance skin. 

Detox Bar is rich in activated charcoal, a natural purifier.  Removes impurities that are trapped deep below the skin's surface for a healthy glowing complexion.  

Eczema Bar is formulated to alleviate and soothe itchy, dry and overactive skin associated with eczema.

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